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Direct to Media Launch Press Release

Press Release: Direct to Media Printing Launch – April 2016

For Immediate Release

New Company launch Direct to Media Printing

13 April 2016 – Thetford, Norfolk.

Peerless Plastics and Coatings are very proud to announce a new addition to the family, Direct to Media Print. Based on the success of Peerless over the last few years, they noticed a need for large format, eye catching graphics and print which can be enhanced with a protective coating for everyday use.

The new partner company is based in the same HQ as Peerless in Thetford. Allowing seamless transition from the print bed to the coating line for a fully protected, UV cured hard coat. Protective coatings can be applied in both clear gloss or matte finish and give full protection against cleaning with even the most stubborn of chemicals. They also provide abrasion resistance and protection from weathering.

A large print bed of 2.5 metres wide and the ability to print onto rigid media up to 50mm in thickness provides endless opportunities. Alternatively reel to reel printing is available on flexible media such as vinyl or canvas.

An integral design studio is also present. Full design is available including graphics, photo correction and multi panel layouts for large wall art and buildings.

For more information contact the DTM team on 0845 643 5175 or email


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About Peerless Plastics and Coatings

A long standing plastics and coating company, Peerless specialise in plastic and applying protective coatings to it. Working with the likes of Mercedes Benz, Tesco and Williams F1, Peerless have the knowledge and skills to find the right solution to any project.

About Direct to Media Limited

Incorporated in March 2016, Direct to Media Limited is a brand new company born to provide Direct to Media Services, specialising in print. Launching with a brand new Signracer 2500 H-LED Hybrid Printer for both rigid and flexible media.

Able to provide rigid printing on material up to 50mm in thickness or reel to reel print on vinyl and canvas for near infinite prints up to 2.5 metres in width.

You can download a copy of this press release here.

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